Volume VI


Gisa Jähnichen (Ed.)

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Volume VI
The authors of this volume come from all continents and represent a broad spectrum of professions in the field of organology. Their unifying idea is the care of musical instruments all over the world, not only those instruments that may appear interesting for commercial re-use or exploitable as symbols of traditions. They are organised in the ``International Council for Traditional Music'' and form the ``Study Group on Musical Instruments''.

As one of the most recent research areas within the humanities, the 22nd symposium of this study group was to initiate a dialogue on the relations between musical instruments and the perceptions and/or sensory interpretations and their paradigms such as sound, smell, touch, taste, and the vestibular sensory systems. Moreover, this topic should also help to investigate correlations between musical instruments, their physical and auditory specificities with aspects of proprioception and synesthesia, and further expand on the phenomena of musical instruments as mediators of spirituality.

The second topic of this volume covers the significance of musical traditions, instruments and repertoires as constituents of their mobilities, localities and colonisation including re- and de-colonisation, or place consciousness. Not only that but the second topic also follows the transfigurations of the musical instruments and repertoires as mediators of migrations, displacements and colonisation and both temporal and spatial changes, tracking influences on the representation, contexts or emerging music aesthetics.

Gisa Jähnichen is Prof. Dr. (Ecomusicology, Performance Practices of Southeast Asia) at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Chair of the ICTM Study Group on Musical Instruments. She studied at Charles University, Prague, Humboldt-University, Berlin, and Vienna University.

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