Anti-Choice Leaderless Resistance. A Study on the Fight of Lone Wolves

Elzbieta Posluszna

ISBN 978-3-8325-4815-5
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Anti-Choice Leaderless Resistance. A Study on the Fight of Lone Wolves
So far, not many studies have focused on lone wolves' terrorism. Even fewer would grasp this phenomenon in broader political, historical, and psychological perspectives. Even a smaller number of these would then refer to terrorism understood as a single issue in its anti-choice version. The present study is one of these few.

It thoroughly discusses the ideological and social foundations of this type of terrorism, its methods and strategies, as well as possible psychological incentives and sources of triggering violence, both of ideological and political nature. The book also describes the wolves' actions and the influence on these actions by the Army of God - an intentionally disorganized ideological structure based on the leaderless resistance model.

Elzbieta Posluszna is an Associate Professor of Security Studies at the Polish Air Force University. She received her PhD from the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. In 2014 she obtained the habilitation degree at the Faculty of Command and Naval Operations of the Polish Naval Academy in Gdynia. Her academic publications involve issues related to terrorism, extremism, and radicalism.

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  • anti-abortion terrorism
  • anti-choice terrorism
  • leaderless resistance
  • lone wolves
  • terrorism


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